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Version : 24.0.0 | Size : 73.13 MB


Are you bored of utilising the outdated Instagram? Would you like to use additional features without any restrictions? If so, you are in the appropriate area. We are showcasing an incredible tool in this article called Aero Insta. The fantastic app InstaAero is also known as an Instagram clone. Without any restrictions, you will receive a tonne of fantastic features.

The new Instagram app created by Hazar Bozkurt, Aero Instagram (AeroInsta), would like to welcome you to its thrilling universe. AeroInsta is poised to revolutionise how you engage with this well-known social media network by focusing on improving your Instagram experience and offering unrivalled functionalities. Prepare to discover a variety of distinctive features that will greatly improve your Instagram experience.

What is AeroInsta APK?

A feature-rich substitute for the standard Instagram app is Aero Instagram, often known as AeroInsta. This cutting-edge application, created by the gifted Hazar Bozkurt, offers a variety of features that go beyond the restrictions of the basic Instagram experience. With AeroInsta, your privacy will be improved, interactions will be seamless, and you’ll have access to strong tools that will change the way you interact with Instagram content.

The finest crone for Instagram is Aero Insta. There are no restrictions at all, and it has a tonne of wonderful features and functionalities. Free Aero Insta Apk, download is available. All of Instagram’s features are included in Aero Insta, plus you also receive a tonne of extra features that aren’t offered by Instagram. Download any films, pictures, or reels from the Ads-Free interface, and use the developers’ option to unlock a tonne of features, among other things.

List out the Incredible Feature

Remove down liked posts

Are you sick of seeing all of your liked posts? You have complete control over your online presence thanks to AeroInsta’s special ability to hide the posts you’ve liked.

Download Videos

Avoid the frustration of manually saving posts or stories by downloading all at once. You may download all stories, reels, IGTV videos, and other posts with AeroInsta with only one click.

Privacy Improvements

Increased privacy protection. You have the option to interact covertly thanks to AeroInsta’s ability to hide your view status on articles, typing indicators, and read receipts.

Control on your Data

By turning off analytics, you can take control of your data and stop Instagram from logging unused information about your account. By allowing you to turn off analytics, AeroInsta gives you control over your online identity.

Play with Sound

You no longer need to tap the screen to make stories and posts sound active. Your viewing experience is fluid and effortless thanks to AeroInsta’s automated audio-on story and post-starting.

Split of Downloads by Username

After downloading, this function is the most crucial. Every user account has a subdirectory automatically created for it, and the downloaded media file is saved in that folder. Always be aware of which file is located in which folder. Additionally, you don’t have to go through a vast library of downloaded files to find it. You will be able to quickly locate any downloaded file thanks to it.

Lock Insta

A password can be configured to lock the app using a fingerprint or PIN. It will guard against unauthorised access to your account. Even after the phone has been unlocked, others won’t be able to access the app. A timeout can be established as well. The app will be locked after the time you enter for the timeout expires.

Remove Restrictions using Developer Options in Aero Instagram (AeroInsta)

Are you prepared to use Instagram in a completely new way? Introducing the invention of developer Hazar Bozkurt, Aero Instagram (AeroInsta). You may fully utilise Instagram with a variety of fascinating features that much exceed those of the original app by using AeroInsta’s secret treasure, the Developer Mode.

Access Developer Mode

Developer Mode may be accessed by holding down the home button when viewing the news feed and choosing “Modify Quick Experiment Settings.”

About the AeroInsta Color Preference

Aero Instagram (AeroInsta), created by the gifted developer Hazar Bozkurt, adds a dash of customization and beauty to your Instagram experience. With a wide selection of gorgeous alternatives, AeroInsta enables you to choose a colour scheme that precisely matches your preferences and attitude.

The various colour theme:

  • Dark-Light | Default: Keep it classic or easily flip between the dark and light modes.
  • Gold: Adorn yourself with the luxury of the gold motif, which exudes class and sophistication.
  • Red: The vivid and vibrant Red theme will help you make a big statement.
  • Extra Dark: Dive into the night with the Extra Dark theme, which is ideal for individuals who want a gloomy atmosphere.
  • Blue: Go with the relaxing Blue theme to choose peace and tranquilly.
  • Coral Pink: The Coral Pink Instagram theme will add cosiness and charm to your feed.
  • Green: The revitalising Green theme will help you connect with nature and freshness.
  • Light Tone: This theme’s calm and mellow tones are ideal for relaxing experiences.
  • Light Purple: With the lucid Light Purple theme, let your imagination and creativity run wild.
  • Light Pink: With the beautiful Light Pink theme, exude a sense of sweetness and enthusiasm.

Compatible with All Colour Preferences

AeroInsta is made to perfectly accommodate all of your colour preferences. Any colour that appeals to your personality can be used as a theme, and you can quickly swap between dark, light, and other variations. Utilising the ideal colour scheme of your choice, express who you are through your Instagram experience.

More Highlights of Insta Aero APK

Making Stories Sticker-Friendly

With the option to add stickers, you may be inventive and give your story a distinctive touch.

Boost Photo Quality

Make your published photos of higher quality so that your feed will stand out with outstanding visuals.

Enhanced Experience

Take charge of how your page refreshes with adjustable options, which let you enhance your browsing experience.

Layout of Actions in Photographs

Select this option to activate a fresh, user-friendly layout for actions on photographs.

Customize Gallery

Customise your gallery’s display to better suit your tastes and make it easier to find and appreciate your favourite photos.

View Recent GIFs in Direct

Keep conversations light-hearted and interesting by using recent GIFs in your Direct messages.

Message Seen Time in Direct

For improved communication, get real-time information on when your messages were read by your recipients.

Fast Forward and Rewind Reels

Enabling the ability to fast-forward and rewind movies in your feed will give you more control over how much content you watch.

Shortcuts for APP Icon

By creating shortcuts for touch and hold actions on the APP icon, you may improve the navigation of your app.

Changing the Front Camera Flash Colour in Stories

To change the front camera flash colour in Stories, long-press the setting and enter the HEX colour code.

Unlimited Photo submit to Direct

By using AeroInsta’s Developer Mode, you can no longer place limits on the number of photos you can submit to Direct messages.

Download and Install Guide for InstaAero APK

Follow below steps to download, install and run AeroInsta in your android device

Step 1 : Download and Install AeroInsta

  • Go to below download link and download AeroInsta in your device
  • Now go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and allow them
  • Now click on the downloaded icon and tap on Install button
  • Wait for Installation to be completed
  • Once installaed, click on Open and now go to Step 2.

Step 2 : Access Developer Mod

  • Open AeroInsta once it has been installed and enter Developer Mode to access the full feature set.
  • While viewing the news feed screen, hold the home button to access Developer Mode.
  • There will be a menu titled “Modify Quick Experiment Settings” available.

Step 3 : Explore Exciting Specifications

  • You may customise your Instagram experience in a variety of ways using the Developer Mode menu.
  • Activate features such as the ability to add stickers to stories, improve the quality of photographs, alter page refresh options, change the way actions are displayed in photos, and more.
  • Hold the option down while changing the value (if necessary) as directed to enable the feature.

Step 4 : Personalization and More

  • Enjoy the ability to change the gallery layout to your liking, see recent GIFs in Direct messages, check when messages were seen in Direct, and allow video rewind and forward in the feed.
  • Use shortcuts when tapping and holding the app icon to alter the front camera flash’s colour in Stories (use the HEX colour code).
  • Take advantage of Direct’s unlimited photo uploads with flexibility.

Details of AeroInsta Apk

Size73.13 MB
Mod InfoCustomization
RequirementAndroid 8.0+

Pros and Cons AeroInsta APK

An unusual alternative to the standard Instagram app is Hazar Bozkurt’s Aero Instagram (AeroInsta). AeroInsta has its share of benefits and drawbacks, just like any other programme. Let’s examine them in more detail:

  • AeroInsta’s audio-only launch feature makes it simple to start reading articles and tales that are only available in audio format without touching the screen.
  • Data security: By using AeroInsta, you may choose to stop Instagram from gathering data about your account, improving data security.
  • The Follow Indicator feature in the app lets you quickly determine whether or not a user is following you when you visit their profile.
  • Maintain your privacy when reading stories with the option to hide your view status.
  • Everything can be downloaded instantly with just one click thanks to AeroInsta, including stories, reels, IGTV videos, and all posts.
  • Conceal Liked Posts: This feature gives you more control over your online profile by allowing you to conceal posts that you’ve previously liked.
  • You may use the app to copy text or comments from any profile, which improves your interactions.
  • AeroInsta allows you to quickly translate comments without ever leaving the app.
  • Multiple Downloads: Download every story, IGTV video, and reel video at once to speed up the process of saving content.
  • Personalization: The main/chat screen, comment screen, home screen, notification screen, and profile screen may all be customised using the app’s many themes.
  • Block Instagram and Notifications: Within the app, you have the choice to block Instagram and notifications.


  • Ad blocking development: Ad blocking may still be evolving, and sporadic ads may still show up.
  • Only dark, blue, red, yellow, green, and gold themes are now accessible, which may result in a limited selection of themes.
  • Stability of functionality: Similar to any modded software, some functionality could be less reliable when compared to the genuine Instagram app.
  • Regular Instagram updates may not always be available due to the changing nature of the app.
  • Low Levels of Official Support Instagram might not provide AeroInsta with official assistance, therefore some problems could not be resolved right away.
  • Possible Security Risks: There is always a chance that using customised programmes will expose you to potential security flaws.

Updated AeroInsta APK Latest Version

AeroInsta Updated version brings you a number of interesting new features and enhancements. This insta aero latest version of Instagram, created by Hazar Bozkurt, offers a better and more individualised experience. 

What are the New Features introduced in the latest version?

  • Keep your identity and discretion private by selecting the new option in Aero privacy > Privacy
  • Do Not Send Notify for Replayed Messages: When your messages are repeated, you can decide not to get notifications.
  • Hide Listen Information for Voice Messages: You can further protect your privacy by obscuring the listening information for voice messages. Aero privacy > Privacy has this option.
  • The option to stop receiving notifications when your posts or communications are screenshotted can help you protect your content. Aero privacy > Privacy is where you may find this feature.
  • Enjoy the ease of quickly and easily copying post captions. When you access the three dots by clicking on any article, look under Other Options to see the option.
  • Using the translation option, you may make Instagram postings more accessible. The translation option is located under Other Options when you access the three dots by clicking on any post.

Enhancements and bug fixes

  • Fixed Missing Send Button: It is no longer a problem for the send button to vanish when the ‘Hide typing information’ option is selected.
  • Improved A smoother experience is now possible thanks to the improvement of the “Always start videos with sound” option.
  • Improved Ad Blocking: A more seamless browsing experience is now possible with the ad-blocking capability that has been substantially improved.

Regardless of Additions

  • Access the “Roll Call feature” guide redirect button under Aero privacy > General to make it more convenient.
  • Guide Button for Notes’ Music and Avatar Features: Aero privacy > General is where you’ll find the button to enable “music and avatar features in notes.”


InstaAero comes in two varieties: clone and unclone. For the uncloned version to be installed, the official version must be uninstalled, but not for the cloned version. It can be used in addition to the official Instagram.

To view any Instagram user’s profile photo in high resolution and to access zooming options, press and hold on the image.

To download the profile photo, click one more after pressing and holding the image.

To enable or stop Instagram’s automatic video uploading, press and hold the camera button in the top right corner.

You may advance or rewind any Instagram video by pressing and holding it before releasing.

Instagram’s privacy settings allow you to hide the “seen” status by turning on the “Never mark messages as read” option.

In order to prevent anyone from finding out you’ve seen their stories, turn on the function by navigating to Instagram > Privacy.

To hide your messages’ “seen” status, go to Insta Aero > Privacy Settings.

Check the box next to “Activate the browser in the application” under Insta Aero Configurations > General Configurations.

Select “Iniciar vdeos diretamente com som” under Insta Aero settings.

Wrapping Up

For those who love Instagram, Aero Instagram (AeroInsta) is a game-changing app. This Hazar Bozkurt-created software has a number of potent features that elevate your Instagram interactions to a whole new level. You can control every aspect of your Instagram experience with AeroInsta thanks to its features including the ability to hide liked posts, download any type of content, improve privacy settings, and turn off analytics.